Yesterday was such a fun day! We had Harry Potter Cousins Camp. Sadly not all the cousins could come. But all who did had a blast. We had a great feast, sorting (Abby was put in Hufflepuff which she was hoping for), wand making, quiditch, and a trip to the Mirror of Aresed to ride Hippogriphs (I probably misspelled a lot). We seriously had the best time and it made me miss Ryan so much. Which has firmed up in my mind my goal to grow my Beachbody business to the point that it can support us and Ryan can start doing it with me. I want him with us! #harrypotter #cousins camp #cousins #fitfamyfun #goals #ceoonthego #joinmyteam #nowhiring #workfrommyphone #workfromhome #workfromanywhere #momboss #momlife #kidblessed #boymom #girlmom stayathomemomboss #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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Yesterday was so super fun! We had Harry Potter Cousins Camp. There was a great feast, sorting (Abby was thrilled to be in Hufflepuff), wand making, quitich, a visit to the mirror of Arised, and ride on a Hippogriff. It was amazing! I was so wishing Ryan could be with us!!! #harrypotter #cousinscamp #fitfamilyadventures #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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I'm so grateful for a Savior who set the perfect example for us in all things, including how to live a life of joy. His life wasn't easy, in fact He had more trials than anyone. But the trials didn't steal away His joy. I believe His perfect faith in His Father and His exact obedience were key to His joyful life. And His constant service came from His faith and obedience. Service is my best weapon against depression. It fills me with joy as I serve and for a long time after. It brings me peace and comfort. It enlivens my soul, refreshes my spirit. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. -Matthew 10:25 #service #matthew #jesuschrist #christian #lds #imamormon #depression #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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Yesterday we took it easy and mostly just hung around the cabin playing with cousins and throwing rocks in the water. We did do a short hike and found a horny toad. #fearthefrog #thebigrock #hikingfun #fitfamadventures #weneedmorerocks #thebiggerthebetter #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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Sunday evening once I was done with mommy duties I went with my sister, dad, niece, and two brothers-in-love to Sydney Valley to look for elk. We went on a beautiful little hike/ walk but didn't found only one elk in the valley where we were expecting them. But while driving we saw several dear and then did find an elk herd with at least 40 elk! They were too far and it was too dark to get a good picture, but we had binoculars to help us view them . #sydneyvalley #cedarmountain #godscreations #lovenotesfromgod #lovethisbeautifulworld #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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Sunday we got to enjoy the gorgeous drive from northern to southern Utah where our family cabin is, including a quick spotting of the Payson temple. Plus we got to go to church on the way. We had fun playing with cousins until bedtime. Abby was with her older girl cousins for a little bit and came back with her hair and makeup done. Her first time to wear makeup . I don't really even own makeup so she won't be getting the same pampering from me. She loved it and looked beautiful. She always does . #utah #beautifulviews #cedarmountain #cabins #cousins #familiesareforever #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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Saturday evening we had a Kockerhans family reunion, Ryan's mom's family. It had been years since I'd seen some of them and others I met for the first time. Mikey loved playing in the wood chips of the playground, and Abby loved playing with all the cousins. She especially loved playing bingo and winning prizes. I loved all the fruit and salad choices and it was so fun to meet in person people I'd only known through Facebook. #familiesareforever #familyreunion #cousinfriends #roadtrippin #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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Guess what ya'll! I have another FREE Boot Camp starting next Monday. And YOU ARE INVITED to participate! You'll get access to 7 days of workouts you can do from home (or wherever you want), meal plans with recipes, and participation in my accountability and support group that will help you push past your self-limiting beliefs and see what you are really capable of. You will get to feel what it is like to live a healthy life-style. You will see that YOU CAN DO IT! And like I said - IT'S FREE!!! You DO NOT want to miss this! Last month my boot camp participants lost an average of 6 inches in just 7 days! But more importantly they saw that they were capable of doing hard things. They totally rocked and I am ready to coach a new group of rock stars ready to see that they CAN DO HARD THINGS! And feel great about it! If you would like to participate and see for yourself what you can accomplish in just 7 days message me or register at #freebootcamp #freefitcamp #letsgetfit #maketheshift #letsdoittogether #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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After our train ride we got so spend a little more time visiting with Wendi at her house. Wendi and I grew up across from each other in a 5 house col-de-sac. We were together from the time we were 1 until I went to college. She's basically my sister. Sadly we haven't lived in the same city since I left for BYU. But I visit her as often as I can and am so grateful to have a friend where regardless of how long it's been since we were last together we can always pick up where we left off. Our drive home was beautiful! #friends #bffs #countryliving #momlife #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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For some reason I'm having trouble with my IG posts. They keep not going through. Hopefully this one does. Friday afternoon we rode the Heber Creeper with my bestie Wendi and Papa and Grandma. We all loved it. The scenery was beautiful, there was amusing entertainment (staged train robbing, poetry, fiddling, and guitar), and great company! #hebercreeper #ridethetrain #fitfamilyfun #utah #roadtrippin #friends #momlife #kidblessed #stayathomemomboss #ceoonthego #workfrommyphone #workfromanywhere #workwhenever #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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This morning I got to spend a few hours hanging out with one of my best friends from my mission. I never got the opportunity to serve as her companion but we shared a house for 3 months and we're great friends from day 1. I wish we lived closer together because I sure love her. She is always positive and upbeat and complimentary and kind and I need more of her in my life. I enjoyed watching our kids play together. And I got a kick out of sneaking in to check on Mikey during his nap and seeing him buried under his blanket and his friends dog, with his leg propped up. What a cutie. #momlife #kidblessed #friends #roadtrippin #ilovemylife #lifebydesign #ceoonthego #lds #missionary #californiasantarosamission #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoul #abalancedlife

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Yesterday afternoon we visited Wheeler Farm. It was so much fun. The kids loved feeding the ducks 🦆 (especially the cute little ducklings ). Mikey was in heaven with all the tractors and trucks. There were TONS and he just kept running from one to another. Abby loved watching cows be milked. Seriously fun! I tried posting this last night and it never went through. I tried again this morning and it crashed my account so I had to uninstall my app and reinstall. So we'll see if it goes through this time! #hesallboy #boymom #girlmom #momlife #kidblessed #wheelerfarm #ceoonthego #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesouldfitness #abalancedlife

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Do you have dreams or goals that you would so love to see realize but feel like they are beyond your reach? Do you have a list of excuses that hold you back from even trying? Is there a voice inside your head telling you that you shouldn't try because you'll fail, or that you aren't good enough, or aren't worth it? It's time to tell that voice to shut up! It's time to realize that you are capable of great things. It is time to step into YOUR POTENTIAL! I am starting a new program that will not only help people increase their health and fitness but will help people break through those barriers of self-doubt, that will help them push through challenges, and step into their potential. I would love to help YOU see what you can really do. This program has already helped people achieve this so I know it can work for you too! We are starting MONDAY! Let me know if you want in! #doubtnotfearnot #youareawesome #limitlesspotential #herewego #mindsetshift #letsgetstarted #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesouldfitness #abalancedlife

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Tonight we had a get together with Ryan's dad's family. Most of them I've never met beyond social media so it was nice to finally meet in person. The kids had a great time too! It's been a fun day. If only Ryan were here it would be pretty much perfect. #wemissdaddy #family #familiesareforever #roadtrippin #family fun #yourhealthandfitnesscoach #wholesoulfitness #abalancedlife

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