Our amazing #videocon Delite 11 is crafted to delight you with its stunning looks! Know more - https://www.videoconmobiles.com/smart-phones/delite-series/delite11-v50ma

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#Poll: Vote for your favourite Delite 11 Smartphone colour. #VideoconSmartphones

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Stay safe and use your #VideoconSmartphones as your personal safety device. https://www.videoconmobiles.com/krypton-30 #krypton30

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#doyouknow that 83 million people are being added to the world’s #population every year? What according to you is the best way to deal with the increasing population across the globe? #WorldPopulationDay

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Want to know about the latest news about Narendra Modi and his government? Download this app on your #VideoconSmartphones and stay up-to-date. Download HERE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.narendramodiapp&hl=en

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Tell us which game would you like to play with Gameloft on your Videocon Krypton 22?

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[Hint - With this feature you can control your home appliances with Videocon Krypton 22.]

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Tag That Friend who can make anyone laugh with his/her joke. #InternationalJokeDay

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We opened our books to study, but ended up texting our friends. Has this happened with you?

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