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Haven't posted lately because #momlife but this sold in a week I paid up at $19 and took a best offer but I'm still good with those margins.

6/6/2017 12:38:00 AM 4
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Ok ebayers I have a branding question for everyone and would love some input. I'm considering changing my handle to match my ebay store and make everything cohesive on all the platforms. Good choice..??

4/27/2017 6:06:35 AM 2

These are my 2 hot messes, wild ones aka children . They are the reason I really hustled to become a full time reseller. I had to work and drop them off for childcare and baby sitters. Now I can be with them more (I still have help from my MIL ). I love what I do now even if listing sometimes has to be put on hold for teething babies .

4/22/2017 7:54:29 PM 3

That @stickermule tape is real legit. Just got it yesterday and can't wait to start using it on my packaging. I put a link in my bio if anyone still wants to sign up for that $10 credit. ✌✌✌

4/21/2017 6:17:57 PM 2

@statesplace I am nominating @xtina725_fitma for the reseller tixs. She has been 100% supportive from the start when I told her why I always going to the thrift store . She knew I was capable and even started selling herself and finally got a basic store subscription . Not only does she personal train at a gym, manage a GNC and take care of her boys, one who is autistic, but she also waits in line with me at half off days now. I want everyone on my team to win 🤑🤑🤑 PICK HER (she's on the left) #getmetotherally

4/11/2017 2:02:48 PM 3

My first full week as a full time reseller and I brought my sales up 40%. Literally they were down 40.5% because I was struggling with keeping up with the bae, my 9 to 5 and being present at home with the babies. I knew going full time was the only way to REALLY make it happen 🤑🤑🤑

4/10/2017 1:09:18 PM 10
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Good morning!! Picked up a box of 90s toys for $20 at an estate sale and finally posted these guys 2 days ago. Literally ran to do it because Power Rangers was a #1 item on ebay this weekend.

4/4/2017 3:43:53 PM 10

I am officially a FULL TIME RESELLER!!! I am confident that I can more than double my old income and be able to grow this business I love and be home with my kids. I always wanted a career a fashion and almost went into fashion merchandising after high school at some super expensive art school downtown. Thankfully I didn't and now it's all coming back around ❤. I started my amazon seller account May 2016 after finding @reezyresells and watching every single one of his videos. I was really successful on FBA but slowed down when I had my son in AUGUST and I found @secondhand_swagger and @statesplace and @theposhhanger. My mind was blown that this was possible and there were people out there making this happen and I was hooked. I couldn't stop thinking about it and stalking their IG's. So when I was recovered enough after having my son, I hit the thrift store and listed my first item the beginning of November and now this pays my bills . These resellers inspire lots of people and I'm just one more they can add to the list but it's really appreciated. #wecametohustle

4/4/2017 1:15:40 AM 13
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I am such a sucker for these type of self help books I just want to read them all up. @bossladyresale is having a giveaway!! Don't miss out #bossladyresale

2/20/2017 4:43:32 PM 0

I hope @amazingtastestore hasn't ended this yet . I've been really pushing and helping everyone I know to try to get on ebay, including the usps workers who check in my packages. We can all win ❤

2/18/2017 3:46:35 PM 1