" Will you please open the door? I want to see him." "All right. Be careful." The door of the stable opens. A wild, untied , black stallion looks at me, into my eyes. W O A H. I am breathless. Those eyes, bewitch me. I am stunned by his beauty. Buried in the deep, dark, musty stable, a fresh path of air opens up for him. With an eager and desperate visitor. Or two maybe. @the.girl.on.the.train squeals with delight beside me. And I have an urgency to touch him. But being my first rendezvous with him, I stay shocked and unmoved. Stunned and disbelieved. Craving for his texture. Craving for making him my saddle hour. "What's his name?" "The black one is Blaze, and the brown one is called Prince." Blaze. You are the magic in my life. I m waiting for my every lunch break to be with you. I m going to touch you soon. I m going to make you trust me soon.

7/21/2017 5:42:36 PM 2

She is smarter, prettier, stronger and you are busy wondering why you can't be this flawless god in front of you. Maybe it's in her dna. Or maybe she just doesn't give away her power, the way you do. You hide, she shows. You shy away from, she boldly flaunts her strengths. Differences are your greatest strengths. Instead of being sunk in jealousy, let's be inspired by her. For the way she is busy slaying her life. Selena Gomez once quoted , "if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room." If you want to better yourself, you have to kick your comfort zone and welcome insecurities, which indeed invites jealousy. But again, "winners focus on winning, losers on winners". you will never always be the best out their. But your goal is to give your best, and keep your conscience pure and happy. There are two ways to deal with jealousy. Either you stay jealous, keep on limiting your possibilities, thinking about their superpowers, or you use your own super power (the power that no other person can be you) and chase your dreams. Success comes to those who try, fall, learn, get up and try again.

7/10/2017 3:47:26 PM 12

The only thing common between you and me , is stress, anxiety and powdered confidence right now. Whoop. Feeling the colossol pressure. Can we just get out this situation? Nope. Is there any emergency exit? Yeah. Does it lead to my aspiration? Nope again. C'mon, what next now? Now that we are in , what next? Whine or shine? Okay I agree it's so freaking easy to just give advices. I mean the easiest thing we all could do right? But WHAT NEXT? Hustle harder? Hustle harder. Take the pain? Take the pain. Survive? Conquer. And I have got the best way to deal with stress. ( Okay at times we can lose our sane, cry out loud and let it all flow or maybe throw some crockery on floor but let's make this an affordable stress relief therapy) Now that we know why we are just bearing such high degree pressure (everything for money baby ;) ) are we the only one? Are our problems the biggest? Are they the most unconquerable? Nope. Run to places that magically minimise your mammoth worries. What are we under a star drunken sky? What are our problems compared to the magnitude of a vast galaxy?What are the problems of a person not privileged enough to even educate his mind? Nothing. Just nothing. These disturbances are temporary. Whats gonna be permanent is.. hustle. Whatever life throws at you, grab it, wink at it, smirk because you know you got this shit and within a bat of your eyelid your problem has been conquered. Ps- sorry for being such an irregular jerk, but hey one more things, i have started meditation and so do I recommend you. (Lemme know your stress relief methods and how you are dealing with it)

7/6/2017 11:26:19 AM 2
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A powerful comeback. So guys, I haven't even had the slightest hint I would come back on my blog account so soon. But the only place 'particularly on social media' I exchange inspiration with is my beloved thisismyvibe. And here are some changes I am introducing to my account. 1) it's gonna boost you up, its gonna boost me up. 2) I am not sticking strictly to photography this time. It's crazy, chaotic, messy, rebellious, and always growth promotive. 3) it won't be the daily blog, but something I wish you could really really relate to. It's gonna be a 100% honest page. Ready to break some taboos? 4) It's about introducing changes in life. Implementing them. Working on them. And loving yourself. 5) I might insult you, sorry. If you are offended or defensive, you are always welcomed to unfollow me. 6) Lastly we are going to check each others progress. I got your back okay? If you have some plans to achieve, share your stories with me, we are in this together.

7/1/2017 6:38:33 PM 6

Belgium chocolate mousse with some vanilla. Now you are coming to the point bruh! ❤

5/26/2017 12:58:10 PM 1

The crowd irritates her. She feels uneasy to sink in her beliefs. Her saturated mind and breathe needs an escape. With people come opinions. And with opinions comes her middle finger. She runs away with impunity this time. Somewhere dark. Somewhere wild. The wind is embracing her chaos. The calm is embracing her determination. And by now she knows it by heart, this is how sunny days are welcomed. This is the worth of being different, daring and dangerous. Trusting your dreams is paramount. Using your power is crucial. And your journey is half done.

5/25/2017 3:36:16 PM 7
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The earth has music for those who listen." ❤

5/24/2017 3:52:40 PM 4

New grade. New studies. New peers. New hustle. New responsibilities. New hobbies. New workouts. New diets. New timings. New people . New lenses. New paints. New boots. New denims. New body. New skin. New confidence. New songs. New books. New happiness. New knowledge. New habits. New perspectives. New journeys. New inspiration. New goals. New phase. Some gentle strokes painting a new me.

5/22/2017 4:18:19 PM 9

It turns out that I am really excited to share my edits now, finally I get some breath to share them. Sorry for the spam ✌

5/21/2017 3:38:05 PM 2
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Mg road got my eyes popping.

5/18/2017 4:13:08 PM 7

Golden hour working at its best

4/28/2017 1:42:04 PM 4

Cold coffee and well uh sprinkled Bournvita is how my heavenly cup works ❣

4/28/2017 1:35:15 PM 3
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Glass reflections work best for frames ✨

4/27/2017 3:27:06 PM 3