Zoo day with my favorite monkey! Full of ice cream cones, elephant ears, silliness, Max running into a classmate of his, buying a stuffy and he got to see his favorite animals - turtles and tortoises. #todaywasagoodday

7/19/2017 6:06:12 AM 7
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Round two yesterday. I love watching Maxsen chase his golf ball around, jumping up and down and cheering everyone on. It's so funny. He's in his true happy place when he .

7/16/2017 9:33:04 PM 2

I'm pretty sure this was the face I was making as my phone was falling to the ground. Shattered the screen and here I was all cocky saying " I've never shattered any of my phones ". Totally learned my lesson. On the up we're setting our ️'s up to get ready for our camping trip in a few weeks!

7/12/2017 5:34:53 AM 7

At least nature is perfect || my form not so much ‍️ #gorgeoussummerday

7/8/2017 10:55:00 PM 2
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We had a great 4th of July 🇺🇸! #especiallythekids

7/5/2017 6:34:12 PM 1

A full day of golfing, ️, hot weather, eating, drinking, Maxsen driving the golf cart. We had such a fun day!

6/28/2017 7:56:42 PM 5
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Last day of school! I officially have a high schooler and a 2nd grader || bring on summer fun!

6/22/2017 5:40:45 PM 1

Sometimes our life becomes blurry but I wouldn't change a thing and hey, that's what cameras are for ||

6/16/2017 6:31:25 PM 4
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We had a great day yesterday. First football and Maxsen winning a medal for sportsmanship then off to a great hike in the forest with skipping rocks at the river. Then off to dinner at one of our favorite cheeseburger, fries and beer stops @helvetiatavern

6/5/2017 10:01:23 PM 4