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thanks for watching the music video

6/16/2017 1:06:41 AM 12062
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Bad Liar with the all time brilliant Jesse Peretz

6/15/2017 1:17:37 AM 12103

Bad Liar music video is out by the way

6/15/2017 1:15:29 AM 37444
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I'll see you on the road soon

6/11/2017 10:42:06 PM 25101

My heart will forever and always be with people. There's never enough I could do to thank you but more importantly show you that YOU matter and are beyond watched over.

6/11/2017 10:40:42 PM 17773
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What's to come is never what they expect @petrafcollins thank you for inspiring me to be me

6/7/2017 5:10:34 AM 8904