🦄 brought out da pink Lamborghini

7/20/2017 9:29:47 PM 9666
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The other day. U asked me a question. The answer is yes

7/20/2017 12:02:54 AM 15068
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Don't even get riled up like dat, Terry it's all good SHE VIOLATED!!!!!!! This is violation!!!! ‼️ sis woulda got jumped after work 🤣 look @Deoncole face #BarbershopTheNextCut

7/15/2017 12:17:18 AM 6901

I have so many questions. I jus- 🤣cc: @mikewillmadeit @yogottikom #rakeitup

7/14/2017 7:26:10 PM 11109
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All I'll say is @floydmayweather has great taste in music #ILuvDemStrippers cc: @hairweavekiller 🇮🇪🇺🇸 Who's your money on?

7/14/2017 3:30:50 AM 3851

So happy to be able to round up and donate my free @Lyft rides to support the @ACLU_nationwide

7/11/2017 11:25:52 PM 5583

Chile they out here charging 4 racks for a Nicki wig. Can I get a small consultant fee? I'd like to get a cpl coinz too if possible sis! - booking info in bio #rakeitup [someone said that wig betta send me to Prague]

7/11/2017 9:58:55 PM 7394
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#rakeitup has been the #1 most added record on urban radio for 2 weeks in a row. #swishswish is the #1 record on Billboard's Dance/Club chart cc: [ @yogottikom ] [ @katyperry ]

7/11/2017 3:48:19 AM 10796

According to #thekingdom , today is the 10 year anniversary of #playtimeisover [my 1st MIXTAPE] Interestingly enough, #thepinkprint {my 3rd album ~ dropped 2 1/2 years ago} is back on the Billboard 200 this week, extending its record as longest charting female rap album in Billboard history. My fans are incomparable. There will never be enough words for me to fully explain how much I love you. I know you're waiting "patiently" for the 4th right? emphasis on "patiently". Don't kill me y'all. Haha! I Love u #itsbarbiebitch

7/5/2017 8:25:47 PM 9751

Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸

7/4/2017 6:42:54 PM 12165