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What do you have to lose? You have everything to gain!

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#repost @_motivational.quotes___ (@get_repost) ・・・ Keep Going. Tag someone who needs this quote. Please leave a like much appreciated. Tags: #motivation #trulyinspirational #lovequotes #ilovethis #iwillkeepgoing #nevergiveup #idontevenknowman #youronlylimitisyou #ifitdoesntchallengeyouitwontchangeyou #dontstopwhenyouaretiredstopwhenyouaredone #nelsonmandela #italwaysseemsimpossibleuntilitsdone #ifyoucantstopthinkingaboutitdontstopworkingforit #besomebodynobodythoughtyoucouldbe #allourdreamscancometrueifwehavethecouragetopursuethem #expectproblemsandeatthemforbreakfast #peoplewhoarecrazyenoughtothinktheycanchangetheworldaretheoneswhodo #starscantshinewithoutdarkness #keepyoureyesonthestarsandyourfeetontheground #agoalshouldscareyoualittleandexciteyoualot #fearhastwomeanings #collectmomentsnotthings #hustleuntilyourhatersaskifyourehiring

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The Legend Stack has arrived. It starts now. You can be the man, the myth, or the legend. But don't be that guy that just wishes things were different. You aren't doing anything for yourself, your family, your community, or the world. Change starts now. Tomorrow is always tomorrow. No more excuses time to grind #livinglegendary #mandare See results in comments

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#repost @guerrillafeminism (@get_repost) ・・・ THIS! So much love and support to the trans community. Please know that I love you, I see you, I support you. I'm thankful you exist ❤️ (rp @chaninicholas)

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#repost @lulusdreamtown (@get_repost) ・・・ I will not compare myself to a stranger on Instagram. ❌❌❌❌ . . Strangers. We see them but they don't see us. We stalk their profile to see their perfect illusions shining bright on a feed full of pictures that describe one second of their day, week, month. And we think: Wow they are perfect. I want to be like them. But what do we really see? Is there a way to really know this person? Do we see the lonely moment. The moments when we fail, give up? Pure honesty is important. I know many people who try to inhabit rawness. I am one of them and yet you don't see everything. Because that is not even possible. . . Why should we compare ourselves to strangers from the Internet? . . We can't compare because we are all so unique. How can I compare myself to a person that grew up in a different culture? In a different body? With different family members? See what I mean? You can be inspired. You can try new things. But there is no way that you can ever be this person. YOU ARE YOU! No one else. So instead of taking someone else as an example try to take YOURSELF as an example. What can you do in YOUR life to feel good? . . We are all unique. We are all different. And yet we are one. One big family. Instead of competing let's work together. Instead of being jealous let's be happy for each other. Let us be our own role model. Let us open our eyes to make a change. Share love. For others and for yourself. You are wonderful the way you are. . . You don't need to trace someone else's life. You don't need to shut your own power down because you think someone else is better. Shine bright in your own unique goddess. #lulusletter

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#repost @fastforwardamy (@get_repost) ・・・ ️FIX IT FAST️ Easy caloriefixes for weightloss! . Choosing nonfat milk instead of whole milk can easily save you 100 calories. You can take this further if you want to optimize food & meals and just learn to drink your coffee black - saves you a lot of calories! . One of the key tips when on a diet: don't drink your calories. Choose healthy foods that fill you up and make you feel good. . ⌛️Is your fatloss stalling? Have a look at bites, snacks & drinks you might be consuming unaware. . Any other questions about weightloss or meals?⬇️

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#repost @laurenconrad_com (@get_repost) ・・・ a little bit of tuesday wisdom for you. time to get away? we think so… ✈️ what end-of-summer travels do you have planned?

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#repost @alldaywearwithjesssinclair (@get_repost) ・・・ Tell me something good about your day ️ . . . . . . .#behappy #youarebeautiful #happygirlsaretheprettiest #seethegood

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BEACH•HAIR•DONT•CARE •• 90 DAY HAIR MODEL CHALLENGE •• OMG GUYS IM SO EXCITED! I have 5 spots open in my portfolio for you to test out this product!! The deets: • try our HSN supplement for 90 days • take before & after photos •give me your review •receive my 40% OFF coupon code serious inquires only, spots will fill SO quickly. DM me!! #mermaidhair #longhair #hairgrowth #allnatural #botanical

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#repost @thenotoriousmma (@get_repost) ・・・ Me and my little champion

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#repost @bossbabe.inc (@get_repost) ・・・ A lot of you are asking how to get involved with #bossbabe ... ❤️ Simply head to bossbabe.me to join the fastest growing network of ambitious women.

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