Wala nang gaganda sa message na to ni mam mafe! God is good! Di namon bal an panu na approve in 2 wks alone, but thankful gyapon.

7/18/2017 1:24:01 AM 0

Pulaw kag bantay for 6 days straight, and it's on my preparation time for APA. Thanks sir Jerome, sir Mart and ng Monique for doing some errands for me.

7/17/2017 10:15:23 AM 0
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Saan aabot ang 109 pesos mu!?!

7/15/2017 9:40:47 AM 0

Sometimes life has its unique way of reminding us how powerful it is. When pain is high, when body is weak...God is faithful, He heals His servant, He comforts the weak only if we believe. Tonight, i saw fear, i saw restored faith, i saw grace, i saw the longing for God's mercy. Pain and weakness is temporary. Gods love and grace is eternal. Let's keep the faith.

7/14/2017 3:56:40 PM 1

What if your blessings comes through raindrops? What if your healing comes through pain? What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you're here. What if the greatest disappointments or the aching of this life, is the revealing of the greater thirst this world can satisfy.

7/11/2017 7:17:01 AM 0
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*since today is weekend sa UP!✌✌

7/10/2017 8:56:20 AM 0

Happy first birthday Ecean!

7/8/2017 2:56:34 PM 1

Happy Birthday Baby Ecean! Abah! 1 yr ka na!

7/8/2017 8:52:35 AM 0

One good reminder and reflection today. I hope you now realize

7/8/2017 5:30:15 AM 0
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As of 2015, Philippines produced 16.2 mt of mud crabs (Scylla spp.)! *way to go Ph! *(data from Philippine Statistics Authority) . . . . . #aquaculture #fisheries #scylla

7/7/2017 10:58:35 AM 0

Candidly awesome

7/5/2017 12:07:33 PM 0

When opportunities calls... Grab your passport and go for it... Maybe it's about time to take 1 foot forward for the goal. 17 days to go...and i'm pretty nervous

7/5/2017 5:25:43 AM 13
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What happens after 2 years

7/4/2017 2:04:07 PM 0

Have been working with crab farmers since 2012. *here's an opportunity visit /meeting with potential farmer from Aparri Cagayan Philippines. *looking forward for a meeting with Malay farmers at KUL couple of weeks from now plus a project meeting at JCU-SG. *team Asia Pacific mudcrab/maccrobrachium project *God's timing is always perfect if only we know how to wait and trust Him.

7/3/2017 2:47:18 PM 0