#GoT minus 30. #hottopicsansastark #hodor #cerseilannister #danaerysstormborn #motherofdragons #breakerofchains #mellisandre #theredwoman @hilarybarraford @elaine4animals @lauratriola @gameofthrones

7/17/2017 4:37:57 AM 7
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Wopping out for Nana's Bday. #oldschoolitalianfamilyphoto #popestable @lauratriola @itsjordanmonroe @edgy_teapot @deliabaum @too_much_privilege @elaine4animals @aidantriola

7/16/2017 2:18:41 AM 4
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Crooked @potus is doing backdoor deals trying to swing senators vote #healthcareplan it will kick 15 million Americans off Medicaid by 2026 and still gets text cuts to the rich. Call your reps today. They will try to sneak a vote over the weekend. Call today. #resist #savethenanas

7/14/2017 9:19:07 PM 0
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So much fun with these gorgeous girls. @dreamawalker @lavernecox. Loved working with them & my psychic look for @doubtcbs tonight 8pm.

7/1/2017 10:21:42 PM 3

With the awesome @wcruz73 - I share one of the best scenes of my career. Tmw nite @doubtcbs whatever time it airs. @lavernecox @theladydeja

7/1/2017 1:49:59 AM 3

Dropped Today!! https://www.spinninrecords.com/releases/coke-hennessy/?utm_source=site&utm_campaign=default&utm_medium=social #cokeandhennessy That's my baby boy @itsjordanmonroe voice/music/producing With @itsmikemac @dantekleinmusic @bonethugsmusic

6/30/2017 10:42:01 PM 0
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That's my @itsjordanmonroe with @itsmikemac TMW! #cokeandhennessy #candh @dantekleinmusic @bonethugsmusic

6/30/2017 4:03:53 AM 0

Rx: Call 2xs Daily til the country feels better. Tell them they better not trade our health care for tax breaks for top .01% #favorites #speeddial

6/28/2017 10:14:14 PM 1

Love this girl. @aishatyler hang - quickest funniest catch-up ever. @faceforwardla

6/28/2017 10:05:55 PM 6