"It’s no secret that life in the far east moves a lot faster than most of us could ever imagine, but you might be shocked to find out that this also applies to the modelling industry." Umm wowza!

7/27/2017 10:41:45 PM 1

Tiny doggies with diamond collars travel in Gucci handbags, what's left for our turtles? Some zoo's glue ID markers onto their turtles, but they come off pretty quickly either due to water dissolving the glue, or when they shed. As soon as they are off, they become a chocking hazard...then there is the search for non toxic glue...pass. There's got to be a filter app instead . #repost @highsnobiety ・・・ Gucci x Tortoise by @imran_potato. #highsnobiety

7/27/2017 2:39:35 PM 2
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There is beauty in repetition. It can be sinister too. Food for thought. KMR #repost @peacelovevibes ・・・ Modern day concentration camps outside of Greenbay, Wisconsin - video footage by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz. Each one of these tiny huts contains a tiny baby calf that was taken from it's mother within hours to 1 day after birth. Denied all maternal affection and social interaction, the male calves will be deprived of exercise and fed an anemia-inducing diet to keep their flesh pale. They will be slaughtered at 6 weeks for veal. Female calves will be fed milk replacement until they are around a year old and will then be artificially impregnated on an annual basis to become milk machines for the rest of their short lives. Their moms (not pictured) endure a lifetime of repeated 9 month pregnancies, only to have their offspring stolen from them while they are continually hooked up to milk machines in indoor concrete enclosures, often standing knee deep in their own feces. They spend very little time on pasture. When they "go down" from exhaustion (typically after 4-5 years), they are sent to slaughter at a small fraction of their natural lifespan, usually for cheap ground beef. 🧀The dairy industry is vile and evil. Please don't call yourself an animal lover or a feminist if you still support this industry after learning the truth. If you care about animals, align your actions with your values and go vegan. There are literally thousands of alternatives to dairy products - they are 100% unnecessary and in fact very detrimental to human health.

7/18/2017 6:53:47 AM 5

"A paper clip for the bargain price of $185. It’s made from sterling silver and, unlike normal boring paper clips that only hold documents together, this one holds your money, or whatever money you have left over after buying one of them. Sounds awesome, right? Well, not according to the internet, because people on Twitter were clearly not impressed by Prada’s latest release"....Most money clips look similar to this and no one has said a thing..Prada wins with the publicity. KMR

7/17/2017 2:03:07 PM 1

NEED. KMR #repost @versace_official ・・・ Unique hand-painted elements are taken from the JP-Collage print, inspired by Jean-Paul Goude's collages, transforming ordinary images into abstract ones. Shop the men's jackets through the link in bio.

7/17/2017 1:47:39 PM 3

Repost from my page @kmr.beaute ・・・ I support women's rights. I support men's rights. I support human rights. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to roar. Spread your wings. And soar. KMR #repost @4biddenknowledge ・・・ Rp @raghavjuyal Awesome #sheinspiresme campaign by @twitter featuring amazing women from around the world to the wonderful poem by @denicefrohman

7/16/2017 9:17:45 PM 4
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I love dead spaces coming to life. Mural İstanbul Street Art Festival 2017. http://muralistanbul.org/ https://www.facebook.com/Artists.Without.Borders

7/16/2017 3:06:59 PM 1

Me likey! KMR #repost @wearelions ・・・ Super Secret Sneak Peak of "Strawberry Fields" by one of our newest artist's, JT Dossett, hailing from Bethalto, Illinois! Keep your eyes peeled for JT's official launch online! .

7/12/2017 11:37:38 PM 3

Makeover KMR #repost @imiragemagazine ・・・ Photography by Dmtriy Pochitalin, Creative Director: Irina Erkan, Designer: Mariya Lishicenko, Art Director: Juli Gladirenko, MUA: Julia Frolova, Model: Alina P, Retouch: Big Fish House

7/7/2017 2:40:06 PM 2
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Visually a rose is beautiful. The scent of a rose is beautiful. The oil from the rose is beautifying. The rose lives beyond the bloom, as does true beauty. KMR #repost from my other page @kmr.beaute ・・・ Original #repost @cultivatedconsciousness ・・・

7/5/2017 3:33:57 PM 3

“The painting I created was my interpretation of the farm based on its colours and how it made me feel. The wide open space, the native Australian colours of the gum trees, and of course the Roses were my inspiration.” Belynda created a series of scenes that she pieced together like a jigsaw to paint The Jurlique Farm, the stunning artwork that appears on this year’s limited edition packaging. Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition (200ml, $79.00), strictly a limited release of 10 bottles. #repost @belynda__henry ・・・ Thank you @jurliqueaus for this beautiful short film to celebrate our collaboration : Limited Edition Rose Water Mist. Shot at the Jurlique farm in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Photography credit @iherok

7/4/2017 7:36:46 AM 6

I do like Miss Carey's Butterfly track..just sayin. KMR #repost @richardquartley with @instatoolsapp ・・・ Love is like a butterfly As soft and gentle as a sigh The multicolored moods of love are like it's satin wings Love makes your heart feel strange inside It flutters like soft wings in flight Love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing I feel it when you're with me It happens when you kiss me That rare and gentle feeling that I feel inside Your touch is soft and gentle Your kiss is warm and tender Whenever I am with you I think of butterflies It has to be said Dolly Parton sang that song and that's where the similarities end here! "Just sayin!"

7/2/2017 11:32:49 AM 1

So 2018. So nailed the auto queue. My money (figuratively speaking) is still on @oohowater -"Completely biodegradable water 'bottle' that eschews plastic packaging altogether for a biodegradable seaweed- and calcium chloride-based membrane that is safe for human consumption. Vaguely reminiscent of a silicone implant, Ooho! is essentially an edible water balloon. When you're ready to hydrate, you simply pierce the membrane and slurp away" KMR #repost @kardashianseries with ・・・ Why does she work like that Follow me @Kardashianseries for more Tag a Friend #Kardashianseries #parishilton

6/30/2017 4:14:51 PM 3
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