The rock he is standing on is triggering my anxiety so I had to crop it out.

4/13/2017 4:43:49 PM 1
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The weirdest shit just happened to me

4/1/2017 5:04:38 AM 1

Who knew a boy could look so good sitting on appliances.

3/28/2017 10:37:42 PM 3

AKWJGdx $tUIhC998&$/*@(8*KQHWYOOH MY GAHD @stanaj

3/28/2017 1:17:34 AM 1
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I'm back! I was busy moving and stuff. Went a long time without wifi...I am here now, fear no more. Also, I missed this. I was getting on a plane the same day it aired.... @stanaj

3/20/2017 1:37:04 AM 0
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