The agility and footwork on @robinho was phenomenal! Would you want the @kinetickingdom to make a quick agility routine? Comment below and tag a friend

7/16/2017 12:01:12 AM 9

Check out @footworklabs ️! This training drill is perfect for practicing quick cuts and practicing driving froward with the ball! With training like this his ballers will be on the field! Simple and Effective!

7/14/2017 1:46:57 AM 1

Keep yourself hydrated! When dehydrated you lose focus, strength and injuries are more likely to occur if dehydration occurs. Drinking plenty of water (about half your body weight in lbs to oz of water should be the minimum amount to drink) will not only improve your performance and recovery time but makes your organs and your entire body work better! Obviously sports drinks have been developed to help improve performance just like the CR7 Drive but drinking water should not be over looked!

7/13/2017 1:03:04 PM 0
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Keep it simple! Just one drill from the speed training guide! A 5m sprint reversed into an uphill sprint for 10-15m with a deceleration! 10 reps 1-2min rest Sprints with resistance are definitely one of the best ways to increase your speed! This plus proper sprinting technique and correcting muscle imbalances! The speed guide helps with all three! Including: Acceleration drills Agility drills Explosive & plyometric training All soccer/football specific! COMING SOON!

7/12/2017 2:34:09 AM 5

Eating right! Training right! Feeling right! @cristiano has the edge over his opponents thanks to the help of Herbalife products!

7/7/2017 2:32:15 AM 0

One of the most important parts about being a footballer is having confidence! This quote changed my perspective on life and football/soccer️ I don't usually do quotes but this one needed to be shared. Keep your confidence high by: training by yourself Eating right Tracking your progress Having fun A confidence guide is on its way if this isn't enough! Stay tuned

7/6/2017 12:50:11 AM 2

Become stronger, faster and more explosive! ️I'm offering the "Ultimate Off-Season Guide for Soccer️" for only $50 this includes 6 weeks of muscle activation for speed and 6 weeks of strength and speed to build upon your new athletic body! It also includes a nutrition guide for your strength and speed gains. (Bonus workout plan for hard gainers) DM if interested! Tag a friend and get an additional $20 off the purchase Offer ends Friday

7/5/2017 3:16:46 AM 2
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If you're not watching this game... You better start!

7/2/2017 8:14:40 PM 2

This guy is class! Pure power and such a skillful baller @sergegnabry @fcbayern . To build power in your legs for football mix plyometric and free weights

6/30/2017 3:18:36 PM 1

Once again I am torn between two of my personal favourites! The formal @arsenal winger/forward who was tearing it up @werderbremen and now @fcbayern @sergegnabry is pure explosiveness, thanks to his background in track sprinting before he decided to be a footballer. Then there's current @arsenal right back @hectorbellerin who claimed he struggled with the pace of the @premierleague ,and worked on his speed until he became the lightning right back we know today! This is going to be a great game! Comment your score predictions!️

6/29/2017 4:01:06 PM 18

Who's going to win? Personally both @cristiano and @alexis_officia1 are my favourite footballers so I'm stuck in between! Comment your score predictions below! @portugal @laroja

6/28/2017 6:36:59 PM 28

So you want to be a bully on the pitch? A simple workout ! Bench Press 5x5 Plank 30s Squat 5x5 Military Press 5x5 Deadlift 5x5 Dumbbell lateral raise 5x10 (use light weights to activate shoulders) Increase your speed! Tuck Jumps 3x5 Knee to feet jumps 3x5 Lunge Jumps 3x5 1-2min rest between each set 10m 20m 30m 8 reps each! 1-2 min rest between each rep! Like and share if you found this helpful!

6/26/2017 6:11:15 PM 6
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Comment below what you think the next project should be! Tag a baller️

6/26/2017 2:09:26 AM 15

If you're a footballer looking to improve your footwork and dribbling skills check out @footworklabs ! Excellent content to help you up your game!

6/24/2017 7:18:47 PM 1

Happy Birthday to the big man himself @jpthegunner ! Wish him a happy birthday and give him a follow!

6/23/2017 3:51:33 PM 3

Want to gain speed?️ Well box jumps and depth jumps are incredible for recruiting fast-twitch muscle fibres and boost explosiveness for when you're on the pitch! If you're looking for online coaching to improve your performance visit tomorrow at 4pm

6/23/2017 3:29:25 AM 11

When I was 15 I had an amazing opportunity to play against @mancity and @norwichcityfc . As a left fullback I was doing well but I couldn't be the game changer and really stand out for the team and ultimately I feel that is why I wasn't picked up by a club while I was over in England. With the knowledge I know now I want to give guidance to young ballers! Now I know what I should've done; increased my athleticism, which would boost my confidence, which would allow me to take more risks. I now know how to contact agents, scouts and clubs, I now know what it takes to make it and I'm willing to share the knowledge! The same goes for getting a scholarship! If you want online coaching and a plan DM! Tag a friend who wants to go pro!

6/21/2017 4:20:34 PM 6
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If you feel like you're lacking a specific area of skill or strength or need to make a plan to reach your goal send me a dm!

6/21/2017 5:58:55 AM 2

If you want to improve, surround yourself with people who inspire you. @zak.drake is an inspiring, dedicated pro soccer player who helps other athletes learn what it takes to pursue a pro career starting from the ground up. Follow him up️

6/21/2017 2:58:41 AM 1

Fuel like @cristiano the @herbalife24 line of products is the recommended line for my athletes! When you buy the CR7 Drive you get the Potential Flair program! DM if interested

6/19/2017 2:23:18 PM 0