vintage Nike shorts

7/22/2017 10:21:01 AM 4

yo! I'm currently on holiday so there won't be any videos until next Thursday at the earliest‼️ got loads of heat to show off when I'm back so I'll be uploading 4/5 videos when I'm home, watch this space

7/21/2017 10:36:07 AM 0

Air Jordan 3 'True Blue' Size 6 UK // Air Jordan 5 'White Grape' Size 6 UK Woman/GS🦋 Both up on my eBay for a steal @joshmush if you want either‼️

7/19/2017 10:24:38 AM 0
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Retro jumpman cap, that back tho‼️

7/18/2017 9:06:51 AM 3

that tag

7/17/2017 7:44:33 PM 0

new trip to the thrift live‼️ make sure to check the link in my bio and leave some feedback

7/17/2017 7:11:21 PM 0

£15.. why they taxin🤷‍️

7/17/2017 12:54:06 PM 0
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come up of the day‼️ £1.50 for these 2003 Air Max 95's, 7/10 condition, really good for the age

7/16/2017 10:35:11 PM 1

Vintage Nike fuego, the back is the best part but that'll be in a video soon

7/16/2017 2:27:27 PM 0

NEED SOME HELP - So I live in the UK and I'm trying to learn more about the American thrift culture. Could someone please explain to me how thrift shops work so I can see if they're the same as over here; and also how the bins/flea market etc work🤷‍️ I am interested to know as I've always wondered so any help would be great. Thanks guys

7/16/2017 1:17:52 PM 2

found this when I first started thrifting last year! I pray some more vintage Tommy heat comes my way soon

7/15/2017 10:10:56 PM 0

NEW OLD TO GOLD OUT NOW‼️crazy profits this week, make sure not to miss this one. Vintage Nike, adidas, FILA, Ralph Lauren and more link in bio

7/14/2017 10:34:37 PM 0
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'Don't worry about that logo, he did that dunk too'

7/14/2017 9:46:55 PM 0

GIVEAWAY RESULT - Congratulations to @xalex_moore for winning the Supreme Tee‼️ Thank you to everyone who entered, I will make sure to do more of these in the future ALSO, please don't be salty about it, if you didn't win make sure you enter the next one. At the end of the day you haven't lost anything so let's all be friends

7/14/2017 3:10:39 PM 5

what could be in this little bag I wonder🤷‍️🤷‍️🤷‍️

7/14/2017 3:00:09 PM 2

FINAL DAY - Today is the last chance to enter the supreme giveaway. The draw will be at 3pm GMT and announced later. GOOD LUCK‼️‼️

7/14/2017 9:19:57 AM 1

it's hard to not get hyped when you see this tag🤷‍️‼️

7/13/2017 6:45:12 PM 0
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wavey vintage disney

7/13/2017 3:43:27 PM 0

New video live‼️Make sure you don't miss this because I found loads of dope things. link in bio

7/12/2017 9:11:43 PM 0

Don't miss out on the FREE SUPREME‼️‼️ if you haven't entered make sure you do before Friday for a chance to win❕

7/12/2017 5:02:39 PM 0