Stripes and flannels and we didn't even plan it :)))

7/23/2017 6:23:26 PM 10

Coming up with a fish pun for this caption was a reel pain in the bass...(Even though these are snapper)

7/14/2017 1:41:51 AM 2
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Happy Seventeenth Birthday to our family's little Independence Day Baby!!! I Love you so much Julia Grace and hope your birthday is AMAZING❤🇺🇸

7/4/2017 4:10:53 PM 1

Michaela. Best friend. Secret lover. Beautiful soul. How can I even begin. First of all, I love you. So much. I hope you will never ever forget that. You mean the world to me. You are one of the very few people who have seen me at my absolute worst and at my best and loved me through both. You've always been the one I can turn to with anything, and trust you not to be judgmental, hateful, or ugly towards me. Who else could I have tolerated, much less wanted to hang out with as much as possible, for over 7 years? who else could I spend forever with and never get tired of? who else would I not think twice about getting a "watching each other's back" best friend tattoo with? Who else would be such a true, amazing friend to Me? The answer is absolutely no one. You are the only you. You are perfect, and even though you're a little bit younger, I'll always look up to you in every way. You're beautiful, an awesome artist, a kind person, an amazing friend, a fabulous mother, and an all around outstanding human. I love you, and I hope you have the best birthday ever. ❤ #big19

6/26/2017 7:12:11 AM 2

There's nothing quite like being a camp Kurios counselor<333 #love

6/9/2017 10:37:06 PM 8
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Saturdays are for the boys... but Sundays are for selfies

5/28/2017 11:46:56 PM 4

MY GIRL IS 1️⃣9️⃣‼️ Happy Birthday Mary, love you sm!!!

5/21/2017 3:42:55 PM 3

From then to now...still best friends, still proud of you, still love you!! Con(grad)ulations Nano Tito/ Nanie /Stepfano Bastillo!!!

5/19/2017 2:51:41 AM 0

If you think your mom is better than my mom I will fight you :) ❤❤

5/14/2017 3:38:07 PM 3
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It's this sweet, silly baby's fourth birthday today!

4/29/2017 10:23:58 PM 4

Who needs a mister when you've got your SISTER

4/23/2017 12:54:43 AM 9

Today marks 119 years of this SWΣΣΣT sisterhood️️

4/20/2017 4:32:18 PM 1

Easter 2017 with the Stinson family

4/16/2017 7:32:46 PM 16
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When your big is super athletic and you're super not.... you did great tonight Katy, proud of you!! #ΣΣΣ

4/12/2017 3:55:41 AM 4

Random trips to random places are my fave❣️

4/9/2017 2:41:30 AM 8