Three qualities in a woman that are more sexy than her looks.

9/20/2017 11:39:17 PM 14
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It's not selfish to work on yourself before entering a relationship. It's necessary, in order to bring value to someone else's life.

9/20/2017 12:44:36 AM 12

After a great visit home, it's time to head back to business in LA. I made the decision to move because the path I've chosen for my life is best pursued in the energy, vibrancy, and creativity of the west coast. While I would pack up my entire family and move them to Los Angeles if I could, I know I made the right choice for my own life by making this move. It is difficult every day, and there is always a new challenge, hurdle, speedbump, or struggle to overcome. I don't talk about these things because I choose to focus on the positive and be productive, but it doesn't mean life is perfect. I know that as I build a life in Los Angeles, I will have the freedom and flexibility to visit more often while living a happy, fulfilling life. Most people post things like 'back to reality' when they head home from a vacation, but I feel like I've chosen the vacation as my permanent life. Boston, I'll see you on Thanksgiving. For now, it's back to work.

9/19/2017 6:41:03 PM 28

If you think you need to be in a relationship in order to be “complete,” you will always be looking for something you can never find. True fulfillment and satisfaction comes from within, and you cannot fully, effectively give yourself to someone until you’ve found it.

9/19/2017 4:54:25 AM 7
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If you're looking for amazing wisdom, empowerment, and insight, you should follow @queenmaitis, #author of The Art of Being a Woman, available now on Amazon. Photo by @photosbyalysse.

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5 warning signs to look for to minimize your risk of heartbreak

9/18/2017 5:06:13 PM 9

Affection and love are results of trust. You cannot love someone you don’t trust, you cannot respect someone you don’t trust, and you certainly cannot commit intimately to someone you don’t trust.

9/18/2017 4:36:24 AM 14

If you find yourself jaded from dating, consider this: It may be a risk to put yourself out there and chase after is far less of a risk than spending the rest of your life wishing that you had.

9/17/2017 4:51:25 PM 8
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Be careful when building walls to keep out the people who might hurt you, you could also be keeping out the ones that will make you happy.

9/16/2017 10:02:45 PM 7

Surprise! I came back to Boston for the weekend to give the family a bit of a surprise. Dad was in on it, but @lisamsama and @bodybyblaketraining had no idea. ❤️

9/16/2017 3:52:32 PM 20

If you don’t take pride in who you are as a human being, nobody else is going to do it for you. Lead by example, stop lowering yourself to the shortcomings of others.

9/15/2017 5:49:30 PM 6
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You could get a good morning text every morning. A goodnight text every night. Flowers sent to your work. Have conversations all day. Receive cheek-reddening compliments on a consistent basis. But the truth is – absolutely none of it matters if he doesn’t put in the effort to see you. A man who is genuinelyinterested in you, no matter how ‘busy’ he is, will always make time to see you. No excuses, lies, or broken promises.

9/14/2017 7:26:02 PM 20

It took me a long time to figure this out. I always said I wanted to have my life set up a certain way before I got into a relationship, and I find that A LOT of men sabotage themselves by letting good women pass them by because it's not the right time. But, the more and more successful men I talk to, the more there is ONE consistency in their lives: They all credit their wife or girlfriend with making a massive positive impact in their lives. So, stop always thinking that "someone better" is going to come along, and understand that a woman who loves and cares for you no matter how successful you are (or aren't) is the greatest wealth you can have.

9/14/2017 2:37:44 AM 16

You set the tone in your life. You decide what you tolerate and what you accept. It all starts with you - happiness comes from within.

9/14/2017 12:27:06 AM 13