O.J. Simpson Wins Parole, Claiming He Has Led a ‘Conflict-Free Life’ . He has tumbled in the public eye from revered football hero and actor, to reviled wife abuser and murder defendant, to indebted and hapless convicted robber, but Simpson went before a Nevada parole board on Thursday flashing his usual self-assurance, telling the board that he was “a good guy” and asserting, implausibly, “I basically have spent a conflict-free life.” . Whether or not the four board members believed him, they voted unanimously to grant him parole when he first becomes eligible on Oct. 1, after nine years in state prison on charges stemming from a 2007 armed robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room. . Appearing on a video link from Lovelock Correctional Center, Mr. Simpson spoke to the board in Carson City as, officially, just another inmate who looked like a good bet for release, a 70-year-old who has been a model prisoner and has no other criminal record. . But of course, it is the 1994 knife murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, for which he was acquitted after one of the most-watched trials in history, that have cast the longer, darker shadow over his life and reputation. . No celebrity so big had been tried for a crime so severe, and a generation later, he stands as someone who unwittingly helped shape the modern news media and popular ideas about the law, police, race relations and Los Angeles, the city he once called home. . “Obviously, there was a 10,000-pound elephant in that room,” Mr. Simpson’s lawyer, Malcolm Lavergne, said after the parole hearing. “Simpson is obviously a very polarizing figure.” . Watching the parole hearing, streamed live on countless networks and websites, it is hard now to remember that in the mid-1990s, there was just one cable news channel, and social media did not exist. . The internet, reality television and the media ecosystem of wall-to-wall coverage of anything sensational were in their infancy. . Yet an entire nation stopped what it was doing in 1994 as Simpson led the police on a surreal pursuit down Southern California freeways in a white Ford Bronco. It was the most-watched television event of that year.

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Policeman pulls over black woman and quickly discovers she is the state attorney. . Aramis Ayala is Florida's first and only black state attorney . A pair of police officers caught themselves on camera, struggling to explain why they had pulled over Florida’s first and only black state attorney. . Aramis Ayala, who serves as state attorney in the Sunshine State's 9th Judicial Circuit, was pulled over on 19 June. . As the officer approaches her window, she can be seen grabbing her licence from her wallet, which she then hands over to him. . The officer immediately launches into an explanation for the stop, explaining that he ran the tags on her car and received no result. . When he asks what agency she works for, she responds: “I’m the state attorney”. . The officer then begins to stumble, saying: . “Oh we run tags through all the time, whether it's a traffic light and that sort of stuff; That's how we figure out if cars are stolen and that sort of thing.” . He added: “Also, the windows are really dark. I don't have a tint measure but that's another reason for the stop.” . Ms Ayala asked: . “What was the tag run for?” . The State Attorney, visibly annoyed, asks for the officers’ cards. . Neither have them available, so they write their contact information on a piece of paper. . Orlando police department said that it "allows the running of tags for official business only, and this is done routinely on patrol". . #globalbanta #orlando #policecheck #videooftheday #instagramers

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Benzema Wins Court Battle Over S*x-Tape . France's highest court on Tuesday struck down a ruling putting Real Madrid star Karim Benzema on trial over the sex-tape blackmail of fellow former international Mathieu Valbuena. . The Court of Cassation annulled a Versailles Court of Appeal ruling in December to send Benzema to trial for allegedly attempting to blackmail Valbuena over the sex tape. . The case now goes before the Paris Court of Appeal which will weigh the latest ruling. . "If the chamber of instruction (of the Paris court) follows the decision of the Court of Cassation, it will have no other choice than to pronounce the entire proceedings void," Benzema's lawyer Patrice Spinosi said. . Benzema was placed under investigation and dropped from the French side after the sex-tape scandal erupted in 2015. . Investigators suspect Benzema of acting as an intermediary between the presumed blackmailers -- including one of his childhood friends -- and midfielder Valbuena, then a Lyon player. . #globalbanta #football #realmadrid #benzema

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Jeremy Meeks Files For Separation From Wife . Jeremy Meeks - aka the Hot Felon is ready to take a walk from his marriage, He already filed documents to separate from him from his wife of 8 years days after she said she was going to file for divorce. . According to new docs filed on Monday ... the convict-turned-model is seeking legal separation from Melissa Meeks, hiw wife. . The couple has a child together, 7-year-old Jeremy Jr., and she has another son from a previous relationship. . Meeks' wife recently said she was going to file for divorce from Jeremy after photos surfaced last month of him kissing Topshop heiress, Chloe Green, on a yacht in Turkey. . Melissa says she was shocked, because she believed him that the trip was all work. And now he is the one filing for divorce? . #globalbanta

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