Said to be the best hangover cure - menudo is where it's at and our featured blogger @sweetlifebake has a great recipe for you! Follow her IG and see all the deliciousness in store and read her profile and recipes in this seasons issue. (Link bio)

7/26/2017 10:30:55 PM 2

Love Tex-Amex food?? So does @sweetlifebake a blogger, food stylist and caterer based in Texas. She's sharing bold flavors, memorable cocktails and easy recipes in this issue. Check her out! (Link in bio)

7/24/2017 11:52:23 PM 3

#summervibes - we've got a whole lot of summer goodness for you in this season's issue! Read up on Tex-Mex recipes and cocktails from @sweetlifebake, a brand-new diners club in Chicago for kids with @littledinerscrew, bourbon video recipes from @rabbithole and summer corn recipes from our curator and publisher @mommacuisine!

7/24/2017 12:18:49 AM 4
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This looks like a great meal! #repost @tennishealthfitness (@get_repost) ・・・ what takes longer: the last minute of cardio or the doctor's office? stuck at the doctors (yearly checkup- nothing wrong!) & craving this bowl of salmon, sprouted brown rice, roasted cauliflower in @fourthandheart ghee + @primalpalate steak seasons, @pickledplanet kraut, @hopefoods thai coconut curry, microgreens, avocado, & massaged kale 🤤

7/19/2017 10:10:29 PM 5
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Avocado art is becoming a thing. #repost @bettinas_kitchen (@get_repost) ・・・ Would you eat it?! This is too good to not repost (being an avo fan and all) #repost @avodaily ・・・ . .. . . . .by @gakugakugakugakugaku1 . . #avocado #bbg #bestofvsco #cleaneating #cleaneats #comfortfood #crueltyfree #detox #eatclean #energy #foodart #foodblogger #fresh #green #healthybreakfast #healthychoices #kaylaitsines avocadolover #nutrition #organic #paleo #plantbased #plants #positivevibes #protein #rainbow #raw #snack #veganfoodshare

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We featured @adamsoko as a food dude to follow on IG. His food adventures is so fun, always delicious an full of life. Check out his page!

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Crispy Pork Belly is always a good idea!

7/14/2017 6:39:47 PM 3

Skirt steak at Sovereign in downtown Plainfield.

7/14/2017 2:42:07 AM 3

Start your morning off with these delightful bagels! #repost @girlvsfoodchicago (@get_repost) ・・・ Happy pride weekend Upper crust bagels || Deerfield

7/13/2017 2:55:50 PM 2
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We'd like a glass of this! #repost @hellacocktailco (@get_repost) ・・・ ** Cuba Libre Cocktail ** Just what El Comandante ordered 🇨🇺 • 1.5 oz aged rum • 1 oz Hella Cola Syrup • 3.5 oz club soda • lime wedge to garnish Fill high ball glass with ice, rum, cola syrups and soda water. Stir gently and garnish with a lime wedge. ————————————————————— "Not sickly sweet like some others Syrups can be. They’re beautifully balanced by just a hint of – you guessed it – bitter notes! With the perfect touch of sweet, familiar cola-esque minerality, this Hella Cola syrup is no exception. Not overly cloying while still maintaining enough classic cola flavor to stand up to the aged rum." : @laurgakayj

7/12/2017 2:26:12 AM 5
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Deep frying grilled chicken wings in a foil pan over the grill. Resourceful! Have you done this before?

7/9/2017 2:59:55 PM 3

When vegans crave burgers, this is what happens. Looks amazing! #repost @peacefulprovisions (@get_repost) ・・・ The all vegan 'Totally Possible' Burger, a creation from @vegicano was recently debuted. A quarter pound of his handmade and hand-formed seitan patty, special sauce, FYH cheese, lettuce, house-made pickles, onions and tomatoes. We were fortunate enough to take one of his patties home to make a burger! We didn't have his special sauce so we went another direction with it. The totally possible burger patty made by @vegicano, chimichurri aioli using chimichurri made by @creollita, mixed spring greens, @fieldroast chao cheese, sautéd shallots, onion rings, tomatoes and avocado on a multigrain bun. DANG this burger is SO juicy and flavorful.. BRAVO @vegicano on developing such a delicious creation!!

7/9/2017 4:13:14 AM 3

Have you ever heard of cocktail avocados?? #repost @hydrovegan (@get_repost) ・・・ Seedless Avocados🥑 that are straight instead of bulging from the seed. Often called cocktail Avocados or finger Avo's we show you them on the tree and do our best to explain how they come to be and why there is no seed! . @daleysfruit

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