Feels at night.. Good night world. This song's still one of my favourite song. ❤ #첫눈처럼너에게가겠다 Covered this song way back in January. Check out the full cover on my YouTube channel. And also thank you to those who watched, it's my highest viewed cover so far. https://youtu.be/lMAkrjDztZI

7/13/2017 6:01:18 PM 2

In loving memory of my beloved and one and only 奶奶 ❤ 18/10/1940 ~ 24/06/2017 您永遠都會住在我的心裡。

7/3/2017 6:44:06 PM 3
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The news came as a shock to me. I know you'll be in a better place but it still hurts inside.. 奶奶, 一路好走。我們會永遠記得您。❤

6/25/2017 12:37:57 PM 5

MOOD . . . : @goh_seizure Director: @arianedeborah

6/8/2017 4:30:13 PM 5

New cover's finally up yay!! David and I will also be performing for @thesecondbreakfastcompany latest event - The Second Breakfast Jamboree next week (8 June) so please be sure to get your tickets asap! Check out their ig and/or Facebook for more info! Watch me tryna act cute in this fun cover. Link on bio. https://youtu.be/VBv_Hw_xWOc

6/1/2017 10:23:58 AM 11

Yes.. I see that I'll have a really busy week ahead.. and it's only Monday. On a side note I have awesome friends who take pics for me. ❤ : @goh_seizure . Director: @arianedeborah

5/22/2017 6:24:14 PM 8