how do you like the feed??

7/21/2017 3:33:27 AM 25

the main reason why i don't like school because of all the people lmao

7/19/2017 10:18:14 AM 9

thoughts on @alexisren ?

7/18/2017 1:12:28 AM 29
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i love going shopping in another city purely because i know i won't run into anyone i know

7/15/2017 12:40:59 AM 18

how long have you had your account for?

7/8/2017 10:19:54 AM 43

thanks to everyone who are sending tumblr photos for my feed! thought this idea would be cute to find new pictures/ tumblr accounts and idk where i'm going with this lmao. anyways follow @imperfehction

7/7/2017 7:44:48 AM 4

everyone's traveling overseas while i'm here on my couch watching netflix #life??

7/6/2017 2:00:38 PM 12
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when that one person you want to reply doesn't reply :/

7/4/2017 11:52:47 AM 18

anyone's who's told you that you're not worth it is wrong. you're fucking gold and they're rusting copper

7/3/2017 8:10:20 AM 3

sometimes i don't post because i can't think of a caption

7/3/2017 2:26:19 AM 3

thoughts on feed? i've also been trying to post more, especially now it's the holidays :)

7/1/2017 2:49:56 AM 24
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top 4 lies: 1.i'm fine 2.i don't like anyone 3.that was my last piece of gum 4.i have read and agreed to the terms and conditions

6/30/2017 7:14:32 AM 15

when people reply in 5 seconds then you wait for their second response for 7 years. like wth did you throw your phone into the ocean

6/28/2017 12:24:05 PM 18

what's something you value?

6/28/2017 12:17:25 PM 25

i'm sick and it's the holidays soon urgh

6/28/2017 11:03:27 AM 14

what city/ town are you from? it's cool to know people all over the world

6/26/2017 1:10:07 PM 28
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44.4k | what's an interesting fact about you?

6/26/2017 1:03:59 PM 17

44.2k | do you like the update? the favourites thing is kinda questioning

6/24/2017 12:38:40 AM 11

"we can make it. someday. somehow."

6/23/2017 12:45:55 PM 6