Not thrift related BUT I got this gem earlier 🤣 My daughter is in the middle 🤦‍️ #fail

7/14/2017 3:48:23 AM 8
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Hi!!!! I've been MIA because I'm moving And even though I swore this Texas heat was going to kill me today... I survived I still have more to move but I'll be done soon and will be having a garage sale on Saturday! Have an awesome week hustlers ✌ . . . #ebaylife #ebayseller #reseller #thrifter #thriftinghouston #movingsucks

7/6/2017 2:11:12 AM 3
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Cubs Win! Go Cubs Go!!! What an amazing experience today has been; from Wrigleyville to the Wrigley Field tour followed by the game... WOW. Just wow. So much history. So much love. So much FUN! I'm grateful the #reseller rally2017 brought me to this beautiful #windycity Houston bound tomorrow, can't lie I'm a tad homesick but that'll be resolved in 24 hours. . . . #reseller rally2017 #houstontakeschicago #reseller #thrifter #ebaylife #ebayseller #hustler #traveler #chicago #cubsvspadres #cubsgame #cubswin #wrigleyfield #bucketlist

6/21/2017 5:53:31 AM 2

As @lauritajones13 put it: That's one big frijole!!! Thanks again to @the_vintagespot for the Chicago swag!

6/20/2017 7:14:53 PM 4
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Disclaimer: NOT a thrifting post. However I felt compelled after seeing Monica's post @theposhhanger to post myself. I know so many women AND men criticize themselves for 'this flaw or that flaw' and I've come to terms that it's part of human nature. You will pick yourself apart as will others. I will be 31 in September. I am a widow with an 11 yr old daughter. I'm only 5'3 on a good day. I've definitely tried to learn to appreciate myself while learning to work on my 'flaws' (without being obsessive about it) more so since my husband passed. I see this picture today and think 'oh, I look happy!' rather than 'look how big my thighs and arms are.' So today, I love my dimples. They're pretty cute. I hope you all find something to love about yourselves today too. much love, now it's time to ROCK @ Metallica x A7X!!! . . . #reseller #thrifter #houstontakeschicago #thriftinghouston #soldierfield

6/19/2017 1:28:10 AM 19
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