Road trip feels #butteryandco To order just message 09153333990 your name Date and time of pick up Orders :) thank you

7/20/2017 2:05:26 AM 0

Orders up ! Caramel Slice and Ube Caramel Slice

7/18/2017 10:47:08 AM 0
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Caramel Slice #butteryandco Today's hit back to back with our cheesetarts & mamon To order just message 09153333990 your full name date and time of pick up and orders :)

7/11/2017 6:15:42 AM 1

Happiness in every post :) thank you #repost @ilovetoeatph ・・・ @butteryandco Cheesetart for Php50.00 #ilovetoeatph ❤️ cheesetarts

7/9/2017 6:41:52 AM 5
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Thank you for bringing Buttery & Co anywhere with you

7/8/2017 3:00:52 AM 0

For Tomorrow we will be baking more Cheeserolls With Pakari Smoked Cheddar Cheese Bought this from NZ Just imagine that Cheddar with hints of hickory and ash :) Viber me or DM me now for tomorrow's orders :) #butteryandco

7/7/2017 9:49:07 AM 0

To that soft luxurious Ensaymada with Edam cheese bought from NZ :) (28% less fat mild&Cheesy ) omgeee (til supplies last) #butteryandco

7/7/2017 9:23:44 AM 5

Lakanto Sugar 0 Calorie 0 Glycemic (from Monk Fruit ) Product of Japan Know what's going in our products Our "sugar free" mamon and ensaymada for healthier option #butteryandco #lakanto sugar #lakanto #monkfruit As always thank you again Ach #saraya for this wonderful product

7/7/2017 8:24:40 AM 1
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