How do you treat your body? Remember- you are the biggest asset you've got.

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We get positive feedback from our customers regularly. Now it's your turn to experience the results! ❤

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Get started on your weight-loss journey today!

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A cup of Bondi Beach Tea makes everything better. ❤

7/17/2017 1:49:03 AM 1

Your body is your biggest asset. With our BondiBeachTea products, let us help you achieve your fitness goals! ❤

7/15/2017 11:35:04 PM 2

The Bondi B-slim together tea 2 x 28-day packs + 2 tea infusers! The best way to detox is with a friend. This is a great deal you get!

7/15/2017 8:35:03 AM 3

Acai berries also help to prevent cardiovascular disease, improve eyesight and increase blood circulation, reducing the risk of blood clots and stroke!

7/14/2017 1:41:03 AM 4
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Green tea is a good little helper to keep the skin clean and clear!

7/13/2017 5:48:03 AM 3

The convenient way to sip your Bondi Beach Tea! Easy to clean and cute. No more leaves in your tea. Just open the infuser and add the recommended amount of tea to your strainer! Get yours today:

7/12/2017 12:41:03 AM 5

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health. ❤❤❤

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Here are 4 reasons you need to detox. So, when are you starting your detox campaign?

7/9/2017 11:59:03 PM 2

Bondi Breakfast Tea has a modest amount of caffeine. About a third that of a regular cup of coffee. Caffeine in moderation can improve certain aspects of memory and learning...

7/8/2017 11:31:03 PM 1
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To have a long-lasting healthy lifestyle, it's important that you keep this relationship strong! ❤

7/8/2017 7:37:03 AM 3

To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life!

7/7/2017 5:41:02 AM 3

Hydracol Intensive Collagen Face Mask from #bondibeach tea ! It helps improve skin texture, reduces fine lines, enhances and helps with tired looking skin.

7/5/2017 11:50:03 PM 1

This sweet leaf tea infuser was inspired by the tea leaf itself. Our heat resistant infuser comes backed with a lifetime guarantee! Visit to order today!

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We get positive feedback from our customers regularly. Now it's your turn to experience the results! ❤

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It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family. ❤

7/3/2017 1:53:03 AM 1

Eat well, chill a little, take time to exercise, laugh often and love a lot! And don't forget to have our Bondi Beach Tea regularly too!

7/2/2017 7:52:03 AM 4

And your body will repay you by loving you back with great results. Stay fit, stay healthy and love yourself!

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