Y'all Game of Thrones starts in approximately 35 minutes that's it that is all UPDATE: I am underwhelmed but still rooting for the trio nevertheless

7/17/2017 1:28:21 AM 3

So I know it's Tuesday and I def ate this on Friday but shhhhh I had such a great time in Boston this weekend, and I'm so grateful for my friends there. Thanks for being awesome, y'all

7/12/2017 1:32:58 AM 3

Vegan ramen from Tanoshii Ramen last night It seems like they have lots of vegan options (or food that can be made vegan), so I'll def be back for some gyoza and curry

7/7/2017 6:19:25 PM 6
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I just devoured this smoothie bowl y'all It has acai, an orange, and frozen berries and the most delicious raw vegan protein powder from @amazinggrass

7/6/2017 12:53:25 AM 5

Stopped by @greenvegetarian in San Antonio before heading home today My parents both got a veggie burger (with a chickpea patty), and I had the taco salad Tbh still pretty broken hearted that Viva Vegeria is closed on Sundays but the fried avocoado we ate helped heal it a bit Have a lovely evening y'all, I'm on my way to a smoothie

7/2/2017 8:11:53 PM 4

Went to Be Raw this weekend with my boyfriend ✨ I tried their coconut kale enchiladas for the first time and omggggg I can see why they're so popular. My boyfriend got the taco salad om nom nom We also got some RAW VEGAN MACARONI AND CHEESE to share but I ended up eating most of it for myself No joke, I think it was some of the best vegan mac I've had, despite being raw and on zoodles. It straight up tasted like kraft tbh but in a healthy delicious way. And it had avocado and this pesto on top 🥑 I'm v hyped to go back later this week and pick up a dessert from there because they looked soooo good. ️ Good luck today y'all, don't catch a case of the mondays.

6/26/2017 1:02:35 PM 7

Wanna see me try too hard

6/24/2017 5:28:42 PM 1
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Happy Father's Day! After I ate this delicious smoothie bowl this morning, we went over to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth and now I'm feeling so inspired this afternoon ✨ Have a lovely week everyone ❤️

6/18/2017 11:52:44 PM 2

I realized the other day I mentioned that I've been eating high raw lately but basically haven't posted anything related to that since my smoothie challenge so anywaysssssss Here's a raw red pepper and tomato soup I made for dinner the other night that was sooooo good and yes I topped it with pumpkin seeds idk it was good 🤷‍️ I've been super into eating unprocessed foods lately whenever I can and honestly feel best when eating high amounts of raw fruits and veggies. I've been having smoothies for breakfast and dinner usually since they're so quick and convenient (and delicious ). Lunch is usually a salad with hummus for dressing (aka the cafe at my internship has minimal vegan options), or some sort of rice and beans with a sauce if I have time to prep something. Which is honestly getting more and more rare halp I'm so stressed okay anyways hi bye just wanted to share this bye

6/16/2017 12:27:28 PM 6

For our last LA meal my boyfriend and I had this @veggiegrill feast He got his favorite kale caesar salad, we both got their mac, I had the nachos because obviously, and we split their sweetheart fries I did enjoy it but I feel like this much vegan junk food is only worth having every once in a while tbh (wow what happened to myself who even knows just diggin' that #highraw lifestyle, ya feel?) See you soon LA ()

6/15/2017 12:58:41 AM 4

Vegan pizza from @evokitchen Wish I had more days in LA to try all the incredible vegan restaurants but I mean tbh I missed my smoothies

6/12/2017 11:48:15 PM 6

I am Liberated from @cafegratitude This raw vegan pad thai was a perfect lunch ️

6/11/2017 10:02:29 PM 9
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Wow I actually made something to eat that's not a smoothie

6/8/2017 1:08:41 AM 4

Went to Austin last weekend and got a taco and a smoothie (obviously from food trucks #keepaustinweird #prettysurethatusedtobeapoliticalslogan #anyways #bye)

6/7/2017 12:40:59 AM 1

I'd like to dedicate my first-ever acai bowl to @sarahsveganeats Tbh it just tasted like bananas and berries am I doing something wrong or is this normal sos send help // Also I don't think I've posted in like a week oops I started another internship and I do not have time for life like how do people with jobs live outside of work???¿

5/27/2017 3:01:24 PM 8

Recipe on my insta story for these almond butter zucchini noodles! Decided I needed something a bit healthier but still delicious so I went for this. It was my first time making this particular version, but I have to say, it's pretty delicious js nbd proud of myself okay eat this bye ✌️Also ps hi you could easily make this 100% raw just leaving out the tofu and not heating it up okay I'm done

5/19/2017 6:45:42 PM 2
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Went to the all-vegan @el.palote for lunch today and ate the best flautas I've ever had My mom got bistec and carnitas tacos I definitely wanna go back and try basically everything else AGH

5/19/2017 2:47:06 AM 10

It's the final day of my smoothie challenge I've actually quite enjoyed the smoothies, but I'm definitely ready to eat some solid food, ya feel? But anyways thanks @katefruitflowers for inspiring me to be healthier and to do this challenge! ✨

5/16/2017 3:30:41 PM 2

Oversized bowl ft. new plant friends

5/14/2017 12:47:48 AM 2