you can't buy happiness, but you can buy merchandise, and that's kind of the same thing.

7/16/2017 2:30:48 PM 10

–sorry for the lag– - dearest @oli.vea, aka my boyfriend today, July 9, is such a special day. it's today you are turning 15, amazing right? i'm so proud of you! wants to hear something funny? when you turn 15 in Denmark, then you are allowed to have sex, haha. so last year when i turned 15, i got some condoms from my friend. hah, i'm so disappointed. lmao. enough about that! - My lovely, beautiful and handsome boyfriend is turning 15! CONGRATULATION! - Hunter. I love you so much, I can't even describe how much You are always there for me, even in my hardest time..When i had to go through that hard moment in may (May 22), you always had my back. You always wanted me to be happy. When we just became friends, I had a little depression. I hated my life, my body, my voice, everything. I was scared. But then I met you. I remember you texted me over DM via your old fanpage. I'm happy that you found me. What should I do without you? - One day, hunter. One day are we going to meet. We are going to have sleep overs, go shopping, go to cafes, go to pride, and have fun. - Baby, I love you so much. And happy birthday (BEFORE ANYBODY ASKS, OR ANYTHING. THEN NO! ME AND HUNTER HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE, AND THOSE VIDEOS ARE NOT MINE! BUT THE CONVERSATIONS ARE ME AND HUNTER!)

7/9/2017 5:54:48 PM 10
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*reposting! - Happy birthday to my queen, my idol, my role model, my dangerous woman. My everything. I love you from the bottom of my heartand I wish you the best. your truly.. @agb.luffs - tag her please? @arianagrande

6/26/2017 2:55:22 PM 21
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comment "ily" if you love my account ✨ - Dear Ariana, you are my inspiration, my passion, and my everything. You changed my life so much by just being on shows and writing songs. I became a ariantor in 2013 as soon as you came on 'victorious'. I instantly fell in love with your personality, looks, the way you talk..ever since that day, you were my idol and that you will be forever. You're my moonlight shining this world especially mine, and I can't love you enough for what you did to my life. You will always be my idol, saviour & role model. Thank you ari.

5/10/2016 11:02:56 AM 159