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Happy Birthday to OUR King!!! @c.sainz55_and_j.palmer30_fan

7/9/2017 9:57:02 AM 1

With our grandma. We love her so much!! She missies you @frenki93 and she wanna know that when are you coming at her.

7/6/2017 10:53:00 PM 1

"So fly on your own, it's time to let you go." PAST IS THE PAST, so live for the future. 🤗 #behappy #past #live #life

5/23/2017 7:50:11 PM 2
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Swaaaagggg!!! (Sorry:) I really loved that day! With my friend @c.sainz55_and_j.palmer30_fan She very excited about VTCC.

5/11/2017 9:29:41 PM 3

One of my friends. She always been here when I was needed her. It almost 9 years now. I know we're been fighting a lot, but who doesn't?! And I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and thank you that you are still with me in better or for worse. And I know that sometimes I irritating, and stupid, and I'm very weird but that's me. And you accept me as what I am. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU. (And this applies to both girl, if they are read this, just not 9 years just 2.) #friend #friend szone

4/19/2017 9:47:11 PM 2
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New series watching. 🤗🤗🤗 #tommorowwithyou

2/22/2017 7:32:36 PM 0
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