July 22 1992 [25]...... i cant believe ur 25 now ... GOSH..... yu've inspired me sooo muchh and i would always want yu to be happy bby ✨️✨ ALWAYS KEEP SMILING AND CONTINUE TO INSPIRE US THE MOST ... we love you, sel happy birthday @selenagomez and THANK YU FOR BEING A PART OF OUR LIVES AND DO WHAT YU DO ! we r so proud of yu sel ️ stay happy #happybirthdayselenagomez

7/22/2017 3:21:44 PM 1

It's not good enough for me, since I been with you❄️

7/16/2017 6:05:39 PM 1
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~~I hope you're somewhere praying, praying ✨️~~

7/14/2017 6:15:11 PM 2
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Mads is up there doing what she loves. Sing. Im so proud @madisonbeer

7/9/2017 12:41:47 PM 1
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••I keep craving craving, you don't know it but its true 🥀••

7/8/2017 5:59:44 PM 1

You Taught Me Why Hurricanes Were Named After People ✨ #lame #ugly #eww 🥀

6/3/2017 6:08:25 PM 35
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IDKY this looks weird whatever...... nabeela wanted me to post #ugly #weird

5/21/2017 1:03:38 PM 30