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Its a hard pill to swallow!! 6 failed lifts with below average weights. The pain of not performing hurts. This is something I will always remember, I will use it as fuel to achieve what I want. #sadday #motivation #6nulos #cantgetanyworse #weightlifting #thereturn #failuretodaysuccesstomorrow #iwillneverforget #iwillneverstop

7/23/2017 8:42:32 PM 3

Week 19: The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between by Hisham Matar. A memoir, reflection on exile and the consolations of art, an analysis of authoritarianism, a family history, a portrait of a country in the throes of a revolution, and an impassioned work of mourning. The Return tells a common story, the story of sons everywhere who have lost their fathers, as all sons eventually must.

7/23/2017 8:33:02 PM 2
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World Series attitude, champagne bottle life

7/23/2017 7:28:45 PM 5