Quinoa porridge Ingredients: 2 cups of Tri Colour organic quinoa (if you buy Macro from Woolworths - the purple one is the only certified organic one) 4 cups of water ( preferably filtered) 4 large dates One cup of macadamia or almond nuts 2 heaped teaspoons of Turmeric latte mix A large pinch of salt One can of organic coconut cream One cup of organic frozen blueberries Coconut sugar or coconut sera up or honey to taste. Note that honey has a higher G.I. so you are best to have coconut sugar or coconut syrup instead 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder 2 teaspoons of fresh ginger grated (optional but beautiful extra) 1 teaspoon of grated Turmeric Method: Rinse quinoa thoroughly with water. If you don't rinse quinoa with water you will have the saponins left on the quinoa and the quinoa will be bitter. Put rinsed quinoa in the sauce pan and cover with filtered water Cook quinoa until 3/4's cooked. The best way to determine needs is to actually taste the quinoa, you will see little pieces starting to break away. Cook until you see a lot of these but don't let the quinoa get soggy. Drain the quinoa using a strainer Add the coconut cream coconut sugar or syrup Add the nuts, fresh ginger, cinnamon and fresh Tumeric Mix well Test to determine whether or not any more Himalayan salt is needed or any more coconut sugar or syrup. If the mixture is too thick, simply add some almond milk or more coconut cream. Fold in frozen blueberries and you can even add banana if you want, pistachio's or chopped apple or pear. Cook until blueberries are warmed. Serve hot, add a spoonful of coconut yogurt and add more ginger if you like to have that beautiful strong ginger taste. Enjoy Love Therese xxx ________________________________________________________________ #simplybetter #organic #breakfast #healthybreakfast #quinoa #yoga #wellness #theresekerr #certifiedorganic #inspiration #happiness #foodie

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This weekend, try something a little different with your steaks. This delicious Warm Steak Salad with Horseradish, Mustard & Balsamic Vinegar from award winning chef, @nevenmaguire is simple to make and tastes delicious. For the recipe and to #cookwithneven this weekend, click on the link in our profile to download your free 'Cook with Neven Maguire' magazine. #cookwithneven #simplybetter #dunnesstores #steak #steak salad #summerrecipes #irishfood #loveirishfood #foodandwine #instafood #feastagram

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Amazing time with @Ronaldinho in the offices of TmCell ️ #RonaldinhoInTmCell #tmcell

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tmcell Trip to Cancun, Mexico

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Chivas vs. Barcelona

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TM cell: Simply Better

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Thank you so much to @nevenmaguire and his team, to our fantastic suppliers and to everyone who came to the launch of our #cookwithneven magazine today. We are beyond excited for the magazine to be rolled out to stores. It's available online and to download now (link in our profile) and it will be available in a Dunnes Stores near you from next Wednesday. Let's #cookwithneven this Summer ️ #cookwithneven #dunnesstores #simplybetter #nevenmaguire #irishfood #loveirishfood #dublin #ireland #rathmines

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