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My favorite piece of advice is to improve yourself by 1% each day. Those baby steps will begin to add up over time and will lead to massive success. Who doesn't want that?! - When the next step seems too daunting, it's easy to put it off for tomorrow... and that pattern repeats itself, until you've done nothing day after day after day. - All you need to do is identify what that tiny 1% step would be and take action on it right now.... - Trying to lose weight? Instead of grabbing an unhealthy snack when you fire up Netflix, try munching on fruits or veggies instead & drinking a giant glass of water. - Want to practice yoga, but don't know where to start? You don't need a mat. You don't need fancy yoga clothes. Just as you are find your way into a downward facing dog. Hold it for 5 deep inhales & exhales. (Another great option would be child's pose) - Want to meditate? Set the timer on your phone for one minute. Let your eyes rest closed and focus on your breath until the timer sounds. If your mind wanders, that's okay (and normal) just refocus on the breath. - Whatever you are working towards, strive for progress. Even 1% progress!!! Not perfection. - Need some ideas on what a good step for you might be?! Leave me a comment or a DM, I would love to help! - - Photo cred: @deliciouslyella - - - - - - - - - - - #gethealthy #getinshape #healthyfood #healthygirl #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #lifehacks #lifegoals #lifequotes #lifeinspiration #goodlife #goodvibes #goodenergy #goalsetting #progresspic #yogafit #yogagirl #yogababe #yogapose #yogaflow #beginneryoga #behappy #behealthy #sundayvibes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #tagafriend

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Day #9 of #crush60 : Performance Day, AKA Sweat Sesh Day Gotta admit, doing this workout sucked in the moment, but when I finished...that high was amazing.

6/26/2017 12:36:51 AM 2

I've been working with @edzeke12 for a few weeks now to show him a more strategic way to go about obtaining his goals. I changed his training, gave his diet better structure, his cardio, and adjusted his supplementation. I'm really proud of the effort he has put in and you can see it. There's always a better version of someone I don't care how great you are and I think predominantly that's what we all should work to be. I think everyone is amazing just some don't fully know how much because there's so much about us that society doesn't nurture and teach. I'm really excited to see how things evolve in the coming weeks. ❤️❤️❤️ I monitor all of eddies diet and training online. I'm currently accepting a few new clients, but please don't come to me with a closed ass mind unwilling to make changes and be honest. Fannypackstacy@gmail.com #progresspic #transformation #weightloss journey #weightloss #weightloss transformation #eatclean #diet #training #bodybuilding #weightlifting #macros #healthy #healthy lifestyle #fit #fitness #gym #beforeandafter

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Sunday dinner🤤 . Sweet potato 'Cado sauce Carrot, onion and Swiss chard . Not only, is keeping it whole foods plant based easy but, its DELICIOUS

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