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I finally have a tea cabinet!! I'm a little tiny bit embarrassed that this is how much tea I had squirreled away, but I'm happy that I can finally see them all! And then, oops! I remembered that I had a stash of bulk herbs and teas in the garage. So... Yay for a pantry! Ha! Can you believe I had all of this crammed into our condo?! #tealove #herbalism #newhouse #pantry

7/27/2017 4:35:56 AM 0

Oh yummy! Check out this smoothie over at @realfoodinstinct stories... also featured in the first Real Food Instinct Pantry Box!

7/27/2017 4:18:11 AM 4
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Acai mandalas courtesy of @lady__lazarus_ ! Looks just as good as it tastes!

7/27/2017 3:43:10 AM 1
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It's where our hearts go, our HOME

7/27/2017 3:11:16 AM 1

A tidy corner kitchen cupboard from a happy client @beyondmum . In this instance after the declutter, there was no need for organising products because everything fit into the space like it was meant to be. . If you did still find you need more space after decluttering a corner cupboard try a stand to stack up into the vertical space ( bowls could be stored over plates for example) or a lazy Susan which means you can always find what's at the back of the cupboard. . Swipe right to see the AMAZING after photo of my client's decluttered kitchen! . Join our Facebook group (link in bio) for more tips. . . . #declutter #organize #organise #organize d #minimalistliving #cosyminimalism #minimalistmum #minimalistmom #minimalista #professionalorganiser #happyclient #simplycosy #simplify #simplethings #seekthesimplicity #kitchen #pantry #sparkjoy #konmari #konmari method #homebeautiful #nestandflourish #theartofslowliving #slowliving #neat #homebeautiful #homesteading #thesimplethingsinlife #scandi #cupboard #clutter

7/27/2017 3:01:03 AM 0
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How is it already Wednesday and why is it that time goes so much faster on vacation?! I DIYed this reclaimed wood coat rack a few years ago when my parents were renovating their 200 year old barn and they gave me some great pieces of wood. Wall space sometimes gets forgotten as storage space and it's always a great solution. Place a bench or cubbies underneath and you have tons of storage! This rack I dedicated to the beach. Hope your summer plans include a beach soon! ️

7/27/2017 2:53:34 AM 6