Happy Eid to all Muslims!!!! _______ With love _______ Rdsali

6/25/2017 1:20:22 PM 1
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We are in the middle of strawberry season in Vermont! I made this grain free, dye free, maple sweetened, strawberry coconut cake for my son's 2nd birthday! Check out the recipe on the website!(www.lifeinfused.space)

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Is it really the weekend if Josh doesn't make a loaf of sourdough? 🤔🤤 A few notes on making homemade sourdough: a) If you have any interest in trying it yourself, DO IT It's such a rewarding process and being able to customize every detail of the bread you eat is clutch AF. There are so many moments that I'm like "howwww is this thing of such beauty just flour salt and water?!?!?" b) It literally took Josh MONTHS to get the hang of it (omg the number of loaves we ate that were dense as bricks ) but he can now do it with his eyes closed and I have no doubt it's the bread we'll be enjoying for the rest of our days Off to eat somma dis and soak up this beautiful Sunday ❤️ Have a great day lovelies

6/25/2017 1:21:00 PM 1
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Watching this on Netflix tonight and got reminded why I was trying to be vegan last year. I never or hardly eat processed meats (hot dogs, hams, bacons, etc), fast food, and have also cut down on dairy as much as I could. However, I forgot my ways and started eating meat again this year due to my training load. I got lazy in my food choices and I started eating meat again when I am dining out. It is not true that we need to eat meat to get our protein coz we can get complete protein from a plant based diet. This documentary serves as a wake up call for me. I am going to restart and reset my diet and nutrition to a more vegan based one. I am training my outer body to be stronger, so why am I eating stuff that is harmful to my inner body? I need to be more disciplined with my food choices again. #i_m_possible #runner #runsg #sgrunner #ultrarunner #trailrunner #diet #nutrition #eatwell #eatclean #netflix #whatthehealth #vegan #plantbaseddiet #irunforrescuedogs

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Would you believe that this is me before going to my school leavers party at 18?! TW After these photos I lost about 30lbs because the photos made me feel sick. The strange thing is that if this wasn't me I'd say that the young girl looked happy and confident and healthy. But I guess I have a long way to go in terms of recovery because it's looking back at pictures of me at this size that make me want to carry on with my ED and keep losing weight

6/25/2017 1:20:43 PM 1
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KAGOSHIMA A5 WAGYU. Seared petit A5 strip loin. Potato confit, sea salt, white truffle oil. @_o_ya_

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Tail end of a rest pause set of EZ Bar curls. 25 per side for 15,8,5= 28 tots next time I need to go heavier and stay in the 20-30 rep range. Went back to where I truly saw the most progress and that's D.C. Training but adding additional volume and alternating between 2 pull days one week with 1 push and legs then 2 push and 1 pull and legs the next week. The other days include additional pump work for hams, lats, delts, arms and calves. I have found that there are periods of times I can implement this type of training as I can quickly run myself into the ground even with such low volume before I need to Deload and switch training to lower intensity moderate volume with more submax work. I think now that everything is structured where they need to be and the fact that I'm really focusing on my sleep patterns that this time I may be able to push for 6-8 weeks versus 4-6. #beopposite #integratedmusclenhealth #dctraining #bodybuilding #curls #restpause #prepcoach #projectad #advices #training #intensity #progress #nutrition #mindset #gforcegym #health #focus #growth #mediphorm

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