Adam is great because he puts in the work. That's what it takes. Practice practice practice. #repost @adamjernberg12 ・・・ tested out some ideas today :) #jumprope

5/8/2017 2:27:05 PM 8
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Fun story about this trick... I was there when it was created. During a trip to Alaska I was challenging Derek Hirai to a trick contest on a trampoline. At some point we just started making up tricks for each other to try and I suggested he try a backflip with a TJ. I thought it was so outrageous that he wouldn't be able to do it. With some effort he eventually landed it, much to my surprise. At that point it was such a struggle that it didn't seem possible without the aid of a trampoline. Fast forward to nationals like a year later and we are competing against each other on the finals stage at nationals. Derek shocks everyone by doing this trick on the floor and easily wins the championship that year. #truestory Nice looking Hirai @nate_kg!

5/3/2017 1:27:23 PM 10

Outstanding! That overhead release... #girlswhocanjump @sakuraevilla of @summerwind_skippers

4/29/2017 1:52:03 PM 3
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As if the Money Maker wasn't hard enough... #repost @hamisi360 ・・・ I was working on some new tricks and got my first backward Money Maker!!

4/9/2017 2:38:22 PM 8

Two days. It only took two days. Check the tape... 2 days ago I posted the video from @adamjumpropes and wondered how long before someone would do this without a trampoline. I said it was only a matter of time. I was right. As foretold by prophecy @ljlavecchia is the chosen one. #jumprope prophecy #repost @ljlavecchia ・・・ @adamjernberg12 hope you don't mind, but I gave it a go without the trampoline. #jumprope #jumprope isasport #flips #tumbling @amjrf

3/11/2017 3:41:05 AM 9

In February And Still Taking 'Healthy Eating' ❤️ Half Stone Down Still 4 & Half to Go To get to my Goal My December. Starting To Have More Energy Too Going need it to Get My #freestylegoals From #2017 As Well As Creating Even more Memories With Buddle of Fun Arella~Jane

2/1/2017 12:18:28 PM 3
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