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    I'm slowly chipping away at my death pile while I slow down sourcing to catch up

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    Where do you do your thrifting at? I'm in Houston also, have a few golds, but I'm sure there are more ( :@casey_thrifts_htx

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    @nvsndk I'm all over the place to be honest!! I just moved from Katy to Seabrook so Goodwill was my first option for sourcing however they are often too pricey, I like Family Thrift Outlet, Value Village, Salvation Army, and small church like owned stores I can find. I actually want to make a list of sourcing options in the Houston and surrounding areas at some point 😊

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    I would love to see the list, when you post. Well I did find a store that has like a every deal. But I was hoping to find a store that I can buy, by the pound. Do you know of one in Houston? ( : @casey_thrifts_htx