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    Jesus Garcia

    @blancagarcia1983 no wonder she bought like 5 MK purses supposedly the haters lmao

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    Pop it on ebay for 79.99 it will sell 👍😀

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    @rjtoney79 I thought about it I really did but I got scared of the thought "what if" so I walked away from it. 😬

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    You know there are still MK addicts out there....the brand is fading but I guarantee you could've gotten $80 minimum.....lol it ain't totally dead yet......

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    Lol true but I was still scared. Where were you earlier when I need some encouragement to buy this bag ? lol @rjtoney79 jk I didn't even post this until I got done shopping 😜

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    Lol...I'll try to be there for you in the future...it's not a great bag but there was profit in it....sometimes we sell only what WE love....

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    You follow me and be there for me too! I need somebody im not right all the time...I just got started w Instagram

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    @rjtoney79 you will love the thrift/eBay reseller community everyone here are very helpful and friendly. 😉 okay friend you got mine and I got yours lol

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    These are still very popular. I work on a military base. If it's not MK they are wanting Brahmin bags.

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    It says As Is on the tag so something was wrong with it. Did you check the zipper? I work at Marshalls and if you purchase an As Is item, it's not returnable

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    Dionne Ward

    What state you live in i dont believe we have good wills like that and Maryland?

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    @dionneward8 I'm in Arizona. I'm sure if you really search you will find what I find. I can be in a Goodwill and any thrift stores all day looking lol I love searching .

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    S u k i i💋👑V a z q u e z

    Did you know Marshalls doesn't carry originals? They are just clones made specifically to go out to their store that's why they are always so cheap.

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    @sukiisiitababii is it only for MK's handbags or for all the bags they sell there? I know they sell Burberry and Valentino bags so I'm questioning that now.

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    S u k i i💋👑V a z q u e z

    @phoenixthrifter602 to be honest I think it's all brands, a cousin of one of my aunts works at the warehouse where they make them and she told her that they make them there just for those stores because they are clones, that's why is always better to just buy them direct from the store or from Macy's. ..

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    @royalbaglady will marshalls adjust my receipt if I bought a purse yesterday that was red tagged? I just read it's suppose to all be yellow by now, for week 50?

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    @sukiisiitababii not sure where you're getting your information from, but nothing can be further from the truth. We have buyers who work with manufacturers to buy overstock and previous season merchandise. We carry nothing but originals!

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    @moneyonpaper unfortunately we don't do price adjustments. Everything isn't yellow ticket - just the merchandise that was previously marked down and holiday merchandise. We started initial markdowns (1st marks) on Monday and it's all red ticket. You can question a manager if the small # on lower right corner of the red ticket is week 48 or below - those items we yellow ticketed. I'm not representing management - just informing how it's supposed to work

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    @phoenixthrifter602 please go in Tjmaxx and/or Marshalls and see the bags for yourself. Michael Kors does make 2 kinds of bags - those made for full retail/department stores and those made for outlets - neither of which are clones. The quality of an outlet bag is not great as the retail bags but they're still authentic MK, as are the ones in Tjmaxx/Marshalls. Feel free to contact a MK store to confirm

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    @royalbaglady wow! that is some info right there. Thank you I really appreciate it. You definitely learn something new everyday 🙂

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    @sukiisiitababii I'm not a MK's girl but it's always nice to get info where products and quality are made and come from. thank you 🙂

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    My marshalls never ever has deals like this

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    Barbi Larrabee

    Royal is right. Wherever Suki is getting her info is incorrect.