Super cute fringe boho handbag by Michael Kors retail $225 at Tjmaxx #clearancefinds #clearanceshopper #thrifter #phoenixthrifter #clearanceshopping #womensfashion

Super cute fringe boho handbag by Michael Kors retail $225 at Tjmaxx #clearancefinds #clearanceshopper #thrifter #phoenixthrifter #clearanceshopping #womensfashion

1/10/2017 3:23:33 AM 19


  1. Anna's profile photo

    Can you buy it I'll pay you

  2. Anna's profile photo

    Haha is there any more? This is such a good deal

  3. Brandy's profile photo

    Did you buy it?? It's soooo cute!

  4. PhoenixThrifter602's profile photo

    @annadoeshair yikes! Sorry girly, I left the store. I post this while sitting in the car on my way home. I am going back tomorrow since they haven't finish putting all the yellow tags out. I'm super excited but it will be a while since I have a meeting after work 😬 keeping my fingers crossed in hopes all the good stuff will still be there when I'm off 😕

  5. PhoenixThrifter602's profile photo

    @amehmedovic2 omg! Are u serious? You are killing me with this news lol I HAVE to make myself available for the sale, look what you started.. I won't be able to concentrate at work now lol

  6. Amela Mehmedović's profile photo
    Amela Mehmedović

    @phoenixthrifter602 lmao!! Yes! The girl was doing the yellow stickers while I was there and told me. I had a ton of stuff and left all but one to come back next week. If it's there great if not I'm ok with that

  7. Anna's profile photo

    The ones at my tjmaxx today were $79

  8. PhoenixThrifter602's profile photo

    @annadoeshair I went to a different location and I saw the same $79, I guess every Tjmaxx price drop are not all the same.

  9. Aleksandra Parys's profile photo
    Aleksandra Parys

    I'm not a fan of MK but I'd love to get this one for such a good price.

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    Just learned so much from your page

  11. PhoenixThrifter602's profile photo

    @kennypowelll aww thanks! I wish I could do more but I don't have much time especially with a full time job, and this eBay, Poshmark, mercari side business I'm doing it keeps me busy and not to mention my husband lol sometimes I forget about him 😝