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    Where'd you get your rack? I need one just like that

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    Joyful Finds

    I love the wall sticker... in Christ alone!!! May he continue to be your all in all..... Nice weekend plans... enjoy. All the best. Cheers

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    @bgnade from Goodwill but I was told it's a double sided pocket chart stand 😶lol

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    @bgnade @stylingfabulous @joyfulfinds0 and 😊 thank you. Hubby and I picked a verse we thought was perfect for our wall and gave it to my mother in law whose very crafty using her tools she has and was able to pull it off for us. It was a pain in the butt to put it up but so worth it. No money spent here 😌 (yay)

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    Love the decor, especially the saying!

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    love the paint color! can you share the details?

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    @iluvbeckham the paint color? 😬I have no clue but I can tell you it's from Lowe's 😐 the accent wall are black and white striped and everywhere else in the house are gray. I'll ask my husband when he gets home from work, maybe he know the name of the color. Sorry I'm no help.

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    ok. thank you! I love the gray. my walls is a grey color by Benjamin Moore but I like that yours look darker :)

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    @thebeauteaparlor lol looks like it but this is not all, you really should see where I store my eBay, poshmark and Mercari inventory it's like a jungle lol 😂 jk well kinda kidding 😬

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    @phoenixthrifter602 I know it's a lot of work! I used to sell on ebay and you definitely need designated space for all the stuff. You do a great job!! ✨✨✨

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    Love the posts, I'm starting to put up more great content. Follow me to keep up with the journey!

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    Can I ask you a question @phoenixthrifter602 - new to this so I am asking IG thirifters, do you worry about bedbugs, love, etc.? On the east coast (Philly, Boston, NY), bed bugs are huge & the idea of thrifting excites me but I worry about that. I'm going to thrift in gloves to be safe, but what about bringing things home? Do you clean them? Do you have a separate area of your house for everything? I'm new & appreciate all your input/help! 😊

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    @palmtreeb hi! Bed bugs? Yikes! I've never come across bed bugs or any bugs. I always check for rips, tears, money, and odor and I have yet to come across any but if I ever do see any I wouldn't hesitate take it up to the counter and make show the cashier to remind their workers in the back to do a thoroughly check before throwing it out on the floor. I guess I've been pretty lucky. As for the clothes, what I do with them? I throw them in a clear bin and pull them out when I get a chance and yes they're in a separate room, if they're stained I either clean them myself or list it "as is" and mentioned the flaws. Never go wrong with being honest 🙂.

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    @palmtreeb by the way... the best cleaning tool to use is a Magic Eraser and Lysol . 😉 nail polish works best too

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    Awesome! Thank you for the tips. Yes, bedbugs are being brought in by a large amount of foreign tourists trying on clothes (in department stores, outlets etc). I am hoping my Goodwill is on the higher end 😊

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    @palmtreeb what? Wow! I don't understand how though? This is very new to me. I did see a video on YouTube of a couple traveling to NYC filming the bed they slept on was infested with bed bugs. I couldn't believe it. So gross and SOoOo disgusting. Good luck chica 😬

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    @phoenixthrifter602 yes it's totally gross! I am in medicine & know that my patients can carry bedbugs too. They can live in the clothes. Beyond gross. Even Saks here had a problem 😵

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    Wow I love how you decorated that room.

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    @____dnaa aww thanks sweets. Everything in the living room are either thrifted or were purchased from a yard sale. I'll tag you for a better pic.

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    I'm glad I found your IG.. randomly. im moving back to Phoenix in the summer. It's nice to find locals 😬

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    @____dnaa moving the summer? Ooh~~ that's the worst time. I moved here of 2007 in August and OMG I thought I was going to die. I hate AZ heat, but I'm sure you're prepared. Let me be the first to say welcome back home girly 🙂

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    😭😂 Thanks. Where did you move from?